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New Filled/Updated Requests

Untitled (1/1); Apollo, Simon; Superpowered AU where Phoenix and Edgeworth are unavailable so their prodigies step into their masks... rather unsuccesfully; complete
response to: http://pw-kink-meme.dreamwidth.org/5253.html?thread=15163781#cmt15163781

New Requests

The Phoenix in Greek mythology - a symbol of vitality, the cyclical ages, destruction, rebirth, immortality.

Phoenix is well aware of the symbolism in a world of magic where belief is sometimes as powerful as old bloodlines. Many a newspaper have made puns on his name and the mythological bird as the headlines, playing on his hard-won victories against the most powerful prosecutors in Los Angeles' court system as well as the Police's former, corrupt head Damon Gant.

Phoenix, as a former theater major specializing in Shakespeare, is also aware of the quote from The Twelfth Night: “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

It's such a funny thing as his name doesn't mean anything. The guardian of his family line is the Japanese dragon. His parents chose the name 'Phoenix' because they thought it sounded nice. And he barely has an ounce of magic inside him that it seemed a miracle alone that he can use the magatama. Whatever expectations the public has regarding magic or what greatness he may achieve, he can't fulfill them. Especially after Edgeworth... no, he won't think about him, it hurts too much-

Phoenix is both so very right and so very wrong in many aspects.

Or: The AU where Phoenix's latent powers of his ancestry begin awakening due to the stress of the events during and after Rise from the Ashes and those of Justice for All. And thanks to the meaning that has been bestowed upon him, that he bestowed upon himself, due to his first name, he gains - during a painful process - the form of the Greek phoenix next to the Japanese dragon. Something that is almost unheard of in these modern times.

An incomplete, pained, irregularly but always burning phoenix. (He never asked for any of these events to happen that made him question his identity, forced him to change, to adapt. His bridges to 'Dollie' are still burning, will burn forever. He needs the Chief's help, he needs Mia. It hurts, it hurt it hurts that Edgeworth 'died', that he returned, oh he's so happy that it hurts. And he never, ever lets himself go as a phoenix should, letting the flames consume him until he's ashes, because he can't lose control, he can't let himself break down, he can't face the entire storm of his emotions, because it would mean his losses are all real-)

Somewhere, his dragon croons, "But you can face it. You're not alone."

Girl Group AU: http://pw-kink-meme.dreamwidth.org/5253.html?thread=15171717#cmt15171717
AU where any 3 to 5 of the Ace Attorney girls are an idol group. OP was thinking Franziska, Maya, and Kay, but go with it where you will!

The next prosecutor the WAA face is a middle aged career lawyer who has no personal ties to the WAA but resents them for turning the courtroom into a circus with their magic gewgaws and bullshit abilities. S/he is determined to crush them the old fashioned way, you know, by using actual evidence and making a solid case.

Bonus for this prosecutor having always been in LA, s/he just refused to have anything to do with the WAA's cases on principle until Ms Lawyer at 18 With Magical Mood Powers showed up and it's beyond the pale that the Judge allows that, time someone put these clowns in their place.

Dahlia and her partner are undressing for sex, only for her to be confronted with his massive dick. Like, it's so big she doesn't think it'll fit inside her. She's intimidated by it, and keeps her panties on because of it, choosing instead to pleasure her partner with other means (blowjob, handjob, ball-sucking)...but it's soon apparent that those won't get him off. Only vaginal penetration will.
So, somehow (by force, by psyching herself up, whatever), the panties come off and she takes it, and while it's uncomfortable, she soon loves it and has such a MASSIVE orgasm that it embarrasses her.

Role Reversal: Manfred & Gregory: http://pw-kink-meme.dreamwidth.org/5253.html?thread=15174789#cmt15174789
Manfred dies in the DL-6 Incident. Gregory raises Franziska.


Re: continuing a fill from where a previous anon left off, cont'd


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Posted by john (the hubby of Jen)





Thanks to Steven C., Elizabeth E., and Jennifer S. for remembering that it could always be worse.


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And from my other blog, Epbot:

[personal profile] penta posting in [community profile] factfinding
OK, so...There's a game I'm helping restart (after a ten year break) called World Alliances and Rivalries. (Yes the website is bad, we drew it up a few days ago in the middle of the night fueled by coffee and insomnia.) We're not sure yet when we're doing as a Point of Divergence (except that we know it'll be after 7/1/2017, because the whole reason we're restarting it is partly because Trump gives us an opening...and partly to heal from Trump-caused trauma...), but I got drafted to play Israel (on the grounds of "Look, you didn't suck at playing a tiny country last time, you do research real well, and we need someone in the Middle East").

So I'm doing my research and trying to figure out a scenario to make my character PM as the game needs...The problem is, I don't read or speak Hebrew at all (neither does anybody else who plays!), and the English translations of key materials (IE, the English translation of the Basic Law on the Government) seem to literally be missing a few lines with no indication as to what should be there or how important it is. (We are talking the English translation on the Knesset website. I cried in frustration when I figured this fact out, because ugh.)

This is going to be a bit scattershot of a post (I didn't want to put multiple posts up when it all seemed to boil down to a related set of issues). I've done my fair share of Googling and Wikipedia hunting, but there are questions those don't answer.

Questions on Israeli Government:

1. It's said in the British system that the Monarch has the powers "to encourage, to warn, and to be consulted" (and that they shouldn't really want any others). Israeli politics are at least partly based off of the Westminster System, so...Does that also apply to the President of Israel? Does he get updated on state affairs, does he get consulted by the PM?

2. How exactly does picking a PM work when there are multiple valid choices for a PM based on coalition-building (I'm unsure if I want my character to have a majority (the scenario is that the previous government had to resign after a spate of corruption indictments) or have to live in a coalition)? Are there any formalities associated like an oath of office specific to being PM?

3. Just how much power do Knesset committees have to conduct oversight of the government? Both theoretically and in real terms. It sounds like they have normal oversight powers, but maybe that's me drawing on experience with the US Congress or the UK Parliament that doesn't apply...

4. If the PM is indicted, is there a mechanism to remove *just* the PM, or is a no-confidence vote required? (No doubt it'd be howled for, but I'm trying to figure out "Did they 'go to the country' because the law said they had to, or just because the pressure to do so was insane?")

Questions on the IDF (numbering continues to make answering easier) - please note for reference, my current draft has this character born December 1977 and drafted somewhere around 1995-96, and I know the law has changed since:

5. Someone please explain to me the proliferation of Sayeret units. I realize they're mostly recon units in theory, but they're also special forces...So I'm eventually confused (aside from a few units) as to who does what. I made my character a Sayeret Matkal vet because, well, it seemed like an obvious choice for "Special forces vet", but now I'm realizing that that could be cliche...but I can't figure out what the other units do, so I'm confused.

6. Officers are drawn from conscripts and have a four month training course. Sayerets have an...18 month? training pipeline. Do officers do officer training and then unit training, or...? How does that all work? How are Sayeret *officers* recruited and trained? Not looking for deep details, just how long from "I got drafted today" to "I'm a fully qualified officer and out leading troops starting tomorrow" or something.

7. Are officers held to a conscript's 3 year term of service? Is it longer? (I presume it is, but how much longer?)

8. Presuming a guy just wants to serve his conscript term as an officer and then get out and start civilian life, given what I mention above, how long is he in for, what age is he getting out at, and what rank is he getting out at? What rank does said officer transition from "an officer" to "an officer who's going to make the IDF a career"?

9. Wikipedia is being confusing. It mentions stuff like Rifleman 01, Fighter 07, etc. when speaking about training. It sounds like stuff I should have a clue about to draw up a character. What is it talking about?

10. Reserve service: OK, when does a guy with that background (Sayeret unit, officer) stop being liable for reserve service; how frequently is he called up for said service, how long are the callups in non-emergency situations, and (because the internet doesn't give me too great a clue) what the heck do they do (besides, I presume, training of various sorts)?

11. Just what are the benefits post-service associated with service as a conscript, or what were they in the 1996-2000ish timeframe? Do they vary between officers and enlisted conscripts? (I looked this particular question up about 20 different ways on Google. I found plenty of mentions in English of benefits during service, or that benefits post-service exist, but no mention of what the post-service benefits (or in-service benefits) actually are or would have been at the time.)

Yes, I make my characters unusually detailed. No, that is not standard for the game it's for. It's how I learned to draw up characters and scenarios, regardless of the roleplay or the setting; it's worked so far, and in this game it enabled me to (last time) play a character otherwise completely unfamiliar to me with a good degree of clue and "I actually don't appear to suck at RPing this character".

Thanks in advance for anybody willing to help me not be dumb. :)

26/7/2017 + New updater required

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Posted by becsti

Hi all. Unfortunately after 3+ years updating anon press the time has come for me to move on. If anyone has used pwkm/anon press extensively I'd really encourage you to volunteer as its a great way to keep the community alive! Please let me know in the comments if you're interested :)

New Contributions:

Untitled (1/1) Athena, Apollo; Athena's convinced Phoenix is Superman; complete.
in response to: http://pw-kink-meme.dreamwidth.org/5253.html?thread=15169925#cmt15169925

New Requests:

[tw incest] Dhurke/Apollo/Nahyuta
Threesome with the dad and sons.

Support group
Edgeworth forms the support group for people who were convinced that they killed someone but were actually framed.

Monday Night LAW
Japanifornian culture starts to treat lawyers like pro-wrestlers. This can be an AU where attorneys and prosecutors have always had gimmicks, stage names, fancy entrances etc. and show-boating in court is part of the culture. Or it can be set in the canon universe, where to the surprise/horror/annoyance of the WAA and Prosecutors' Office pro-wrestling elements are starting to creep into courtroom proceedings. Maybe they gain a following of weird fan people who start showing up with signs and cheer/boo whenever they're arguing a case. Maybe some TV network starts broadcasting old court cases with OTT wrestling style commentary dubbed over them. Maybe a law firm tries to capitalise on the fame of the WAA by inventing gimmicks for its lawyers, and new/young prosecutors all try to be the next Von Karma/Godot/Blackquill by being super scary and bringing an unconventional weapon to court. Maybe there are some very troubling rumours going around that attorneys and prosecutors are collaborating to put on a show and agreeing the outcome of cases to gain the most publicity/money for each trial? Whatever scenario you think is the most fun, anons - just mix some pro-wrestling nonsense in with our usual soap-opera lawyer nonsense!

Stuck in an elevator
Pick two characters, from any Ace Attorney game anywhere in the timeline. Feeling indecisive? Pick up to two more.

These characters are now stuck in an elevator for five hours with no cell phone reception.

Why are they all in an elevator? And what happens during those five hours? You tell me.

Would love to see more Apollo/Nahyuta but I have one requirement that there's no incest undertones since I really am not about that life and don't see it that way. Even if you see them as siblings and insist its incest or whatever, just simply ignore this prompt instead of leaving hate. Thanks.

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The Bride And Groan

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Posted by Jen

Today's post is dedicated to all the engaged couples out there. That's right, lovebirds, I thought we might take this opportunity to consider the most important cake of your entire lives: your wedding cake.

Now, I know I feature a lot of wedding wrecks, and I know a lot of folks will point out that asking for a fondant design recreated in buttercream is asking for disaster, but don't you worry. I'm here to help. After all, this is what Leah D. ordered for HER wedding cake:



And look what she got!

It's the tinfoil-covered cookie sheet that really sells it.

Ok, yes, it's a wreck. BUT - did you notice how the inspiration cake was all buttercream, and the wreck itself is fondant? I'm just sayin'. It works both ways.

Now, don't you feel better?


Ok, then how about what Susan A. ordered for her wedding? 


 Not a great picture (you don't see mimeographs much these days), but I think you get the general idea.

 And here's what Susan got:

Granted, I'm not sure how this is supposed to make you feel better, but trust me, guys: the REST of us are feeling grrrrr-REAT. (John! Go make some popcorn! These are gettin' GOOD.)


Sara M. wanted her wedding cake to be a hunk a' hunk a' burnin' love:


The cake! The cake! The cake is on FI-YUR!


But instead, her cake just suffered from a mild burning sensation and performance issues:



(That was my attempt at a slide-rule trombone effect. I know: I'm a veritable foley artist with words.)


And finally, Elizabeth P. dreamed a dream of ribbon-wrapped sweetness for her big day:


...but ended up with something only a mummy could love:

 Ouch. Uh...that's a wrap!


Thanks to all of today's brides and just remember, guys: wreck or Sweet, we're gonna need to see your wedding cake! (Oh, and we're all invited, right? RIGHT?!)


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Sweet cardamom chicken

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Posted by CJ

Cardamom Chicken
1 large boneless uncooked chicken breast sliced and diced.
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon turmeric
salt and black pepper to taste
½ tsp red chili flake
½ tsp cumin seed or ground cumin
1 large bell pepper, diced and sliced
large handful green beans (frozen is ok)
most any green vegetable that doesn’t cook fast.
1 heaping tablespoon diced garlic in oil, or equivalent raw garlic
combine all in skillet with lid. Cook with middling heat in olive oil, sesame oil or a combination. Using lid to help steam, cooking time under 15 minutes.
Cook last while without lid to reduce liquid.
Stir in 1 tablespoon crunchy peanut butter (you can skip this if you like: matter of taste)
Stir in 2 tablespoons Ma Ploi (brand) Thai sweet chili sauce.

This dish has very little pepper heat: you can adjust to taste, particularly the red chili flake: remember I’m from the American Southwest. The sweet chili has practically no heat at all. Test a little on your finger and adjust accordingly.


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Posted by Jen

Remember how we all loved the game "Telephone" in kindergarten? Well, add in a cake, and the fun never stops!

This order was for a "black high heel":

(It's a hill, people. Get it?)


Specifying punctuation is always tricky:

Although I suppose if Aunt flashed Mom that would liven up the party, and it's certainly preferable to Aunt slashing Mom.

(Ok, this one is tricky, I know: the order was for Aunt/Mom - a slash, in other words.)


Here we have a beautifully done blue horse. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a blue house.


If your message is "Philip...Woohoo!", and you actually have to say the words "dot dot dot", be prepared for just about anything.


And of course these never get old:

Although interestingly enough, I think that icing IS light pink. I guess the decorator was covering all her bases.


Thanks to Danielle M., Stefanie D., Rachel S., Michael T., and Chandra.


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